Why Is Document Shredding Important?

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Why Is Document Shredding Important?

Document disposal is crucial to keeping confidential information under wraps. As a business owner or an individual, regular paper shredding prevents a paper trail from forming, which in turn reduces the possibility of issues arising from outside sources. These issues can include identity theft and data breaches, which can damage even the most established business. Personal identity theft can ruin lives and hurt families, as the person who was affected may lost personal banking information and money in those particular accounts.

Identity Theft And Data Breaches

The astonishing statistics of both identity theft and data breaches are frightening to say the least. The top 10 gut-wrenching statistics are as follows:

1) About one in every 16 U.S. adults were victims of identity theft in 2016.

2) Incidences of identity theft jumped up 16% from 2015 to 2016.

3) Nearly 90% of identity thefts use information gained from print sources rather than those found online.

4) Identity theft is the single fastest-growing crime in the nation — a $50-billion-a-year industry that continues to expand its reach.

5) There?s a one-in-33 chance you?ll have your identity stolen in the next year according to the Federal Trade Commission.

6) Every year in the U.S., corporate identity theft costs businesses $48 billion.

7) The 2015 Data Security Incident Response Report by law firm BakerHostetler revealed that one in five breaches that the firm handled in 2014 involved paper records.

8) According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, Government documents/benefits fraud (34%) was the most common form of reported identity theft

9) In 2015, medical/healthcare facilities were affected by 277 data breaches, which affected 113 million people.

10) In 2015, businesses were affected by 312 data breaches, which affected 16.2 million people.

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