Why Its Important to get Seaplane Insurance

Aviation insurance

While most people don’t need to worry about something like seaplane insurance, it is more than essential if you own a seaplane. Just like your renters insurance or car insurance, seaplane insurance will protect you and your property should something happen to your seaplane or to people while traveling in your seaplane.

According to a report from the International Air Transport Association, over 3.5 billion people flew in 2015 alone and all landed safely. Overall, air travel is extremely safe. However, that doesn?t negate the need for insurance.

The United States has the largest and most diversified aviation community in the world with over 220,000 aircrafts being owned. These crafts include rotorcract, balloons, turbojets, amateur-built aircrafts, personal planes, seaplanes, and more. In addition to the high number of owned aircrafts, there are 584,362 active pilots in the United States alone logging more than 24 million hours in flight.

There are many different ratings that require different levels of experience and expertise. For a seaplane rating, the pilot must take a flying test with an FAA examiner that demonstrates their proficiency. This can take an average of six to eight flight hours to demonstrate proficiency for the examiner.

Licensed pilots are required to carry insurance for their craft. Insurance for aircraft is much like insurance for any other type of vehicle. Plane insurance may seem expensive, but when things go bad, it is the only thing protecting you from financial ruin.

An aviation insurance agency can let you know what your options are for all types of insurance including aircraft liability insurance. There is also hanger insurance, helicopter insurance; there is even drone insurance. It is impossible to predict what may happen when operating an aircraft of any kind. Financially protecting yourself, your aircraft, and our family from the financial hit of an accident, a damage aircraft, or someone getting hurt is essential.

Seaplanes are unique from other types of aircrafts because they have the ability to land on water, opposed to land. They are most popular in island areas where people may be traveling from one island to another, but the islands do not have airports or are have very small airports. Seaplanes are also popular as a tourist activity in island areas because they can be used to give tourist a unique tour of the area.

For many small island areas, tourism is their primary source of money coming into their economy. For many of these areas, they play up the tourism options as much as possible to make themselves a highly sought after destination. Even within the tourist industry, there is a high level of competition. This means offering a wide range of tourist options including seaplane tours, which means having seaplane insurance.

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