Why Molybdenum Crucibles Are Ideal For Crystal Growth


In the crystal growth and metal industries, businesses need access to reliable manufacturing methods and materials that are well-suited to the finished products they must create. These products have never been more in-demand than they are in the digital age. After all, LED lighting, lasers, solar cells, and sapphire touch screens have become nearly ubiquitous. But in order to make these in-demand products, companies must have access to the highest quality crucibles. In many cases, molybdenum crucibles are the number one option for crystal growth production. Here are just a few reasons why.

Molybdenum performs well under high temperatures

Molybdenum’s high melting point makes it an optimal choice for crystal growth and use in vacuum furnaces. While the maximum operating temperature it can withstand is around 1500 to 1650 degrees Celcius, its melting point is 2610 degrees Celcius (or 4,748 degrees Fahrenheit). That means this material can even be used in the processing of nuclear fuel pellets. Ultimately, if you need a material that can take the heat, molybdenum is your best bet.

Molybdenum crucibles have superior corrosion resistance

Corrosion is a major factor to consider when working at high temperatures — a requirement for crystal growth. Not only does molybdenum retain its strength even at high temperatures, but it’s resistant to many molten metals (like lead), alloys, and acids (including hydrochloric acide, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and other organic acids). This is not the case with other types of crucibles, like ones made of quartz or ceramic.

Crucibles made of molybdenum feature better creep resistance

Molybdenum manufacturers know that creep resistance is also an important factor when choosing the right crucible for a given application. “Creep” refers to when a solid material permanently deforms or moves slowly due to mechanical stresses (like heat). Ice, for instance, has relatively low creep resistance. But molybdenum crucibles, on the other hand, have high creep resistance due to their high melting point. This relates back to its resistance to corrosion and high temperatures; the material will not be compromised under extreme conditions.

Although there are several options available for crucibles suitable for crystal growth applications, crucibles made of molybdenum are often considered to be the go-to choice for countless applications. To find out more about which type of crucible will be best suited for your needs, contact your local molybdenum manufacturer.

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