Why Obtaining Correct Permits For Rebuilding Projects Is Crucial For Civil Engineers

Civil engineering

If you’re a civil engineer, you know the importance of obtaining the correct permits for building a new structure. Officials of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Washington Emergency Management Division (WEMD) advise civil engineers about the importance of obtaining the correct permits. These permits ensure that proposed work is in compliance with codes and standards. These include flood ordinances and construction techniques. These permits are crucial when building a whole new structure, but they are also vital when trying to rebuild a certain structure as well. Something as simple as getting a permit for an elevation certificate can make or break a construction project. If these permits are not obtained, that consequences include bringing your project to halt, getting fined, and even greater penalties. These permits not only ensure that the building complies with environmental codes, but helps to ensure the safety of those inside the building.

All construction projects need to be in done in accordance with the International Residential Code and the International Building Code. How does this involve civil engineering? By making sure all projects proposed by a civil engineer complies with these standards, a civil engineer protects his or her professional and moral code. When a client is looking to do a renovation project or remodel an old building and they come to a civil engineer for help, they need to know that they respect their business transactions and have the client’s best interest in mind throughout the project.

Environmental factors can really affect for construction project, and when a client is trying to rebuild on an area that might have has damage (such as from a flood or hurricane) it is imperative that civil engineers obtain the correct permits to ensure the safety of those who would be in the building. Good civil engineers have experience in master-planning, storm water management, sanitary sewer, water supply and distribution and also know how to maneuver around erosion, earthwork, and waterfront development.

As a civil engineer, these permits can ensure that you do not get into any legal trouble when building for a client. Projects that are stopped or are not in compliance with legal standards set can put both you and your client in jeopardy.

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