Why We Must Protect Our Groundwater

What is environmental remediation

We need to protect our water. We only have a finite amount of it and it seems that the amount keeps changing by the day. If we want to keep our planet safe and healthy, we must keep our water safe from things like coal ash wastewater and groundwater pollution. But why do we need groundwater? Here’s a list of four reasons why.

  1. Drinking Water
    Our bodies are made of 70%. We need to continuously replenish that water. but if our world one day has to face groundwater depletion, we would be in grave danger. Sadly, this is a possibility with water privatization become more and more common and greedy. Plus, groundwater contamination such as coal ash wastewater is happening more frequently as well. We must stop this.
  2. Our Eco System
    Going with that, we, of course, need to protect our groundwater in order to protect the environment. Groundwater is the first step in the cycle of water and arguably the most important step. It refreshes and recharges our natural bodies of water such as lakes, oceans, rivers, and wetlands. If our groundwater gets polluted, so too do all of those bodies of water.

  3. We also have to consider the fact that our food needs water as well. This happens in many ways. The animals that farmers breed need water to live and hydrate just like us. If they are contaminated, so are we. In addition, the irrigation systems we use for crops can also get contaminated and ruin our food. In fact, 64% of groundwater is used for irrigation in crops. Any contamination of that could easily find its way into our mouths. Its a good idea if we just focus on cleaning the water.
  4. Industry

    Protecting ground water is the key to protecting a lot of life and business on earth. We can protect our crops, our animals, our wallets, and ourselves if we just protect our water. Helpful info also found here.

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