Why You Need Recruiters and Temp Agencies

As a startup business founder or seasoned executive, the last thing on your mind should be human resources placement. You have your products, margins, and clientele to worry about; wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a service or job agency to check all the boxes on your HR startup checklist?

As it happens, there is.

According to a Gallup poll, only 20% of workers feel that their managers are competent in leading them and encouraging them. A recruiter or temp agency can help you find helpful leaders to bring your company to the best it can be. Whether you are a startup executive or have been in the business for years and are just looking for help with a little restructuring, here are three things that a human resources recruiter or temp agency can do for you.

  • One: They can utilize their network to find HR executive candidates for you. A human resources recruiter or temp agency has a vast network of tools at their disposable to pull potential HR executives from or place them in technological hubs such as San Francisco or Seattle, or even worldwide locations like Shanghai or London. The recruiter or temp agency is not geographically restrained like your resources may be.
  • Two: They can help bring structure to your staff. It is perfectly okay to need help structuring or restructuring the chain of command in your HR department. How many executives is too many? Do you have enough supervisors? Are you short on entry level employees? A human resources recruiter or temp agency can evaluate the size and needs of your company to generate the best human resources structure for you, so that you aren’t overcrowding the department and paying too many employees, or vice versa. It’s okay to admit that you need staffing help; these agnecies will connect you with people who are trying to find a new job.
  • Three: They can offer career coaching. It is important for a company to have diversity in any given department. Consequently, a human resources recruiter or temp agency can help you identify key strengths and personality traits in HR department heads that you already have or in candidates that you are considering. The recruiter or temp agency can help guide your HR executives in the right direction of the department they would contribute most to, whether it is Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits, or Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Starting or reorganizing a business can be stressful and overwhelming work. While a recruiter or temp agency can’t do the actual hiring for you, they can present you with all the tools you need to strengthen and establish one of the most fundamental departments of your business: human resources.

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