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Printer Repair and Service for a Printing Firm

One might be tempted to think that the Internet and e-mail have rendered print media obsolete, but this is far from the truth. In fact, many businesses today such as office, hospitals, schools and colleges, banks, and more make use of both computers and print media for their work. There’s distinct advantages for taking each route, and a sensible business manager will know how to make the most of both. Computer technology and Internet connections are an entirely different topic than papers and printing, however. When a business manager is concerned about print media, there’s a number of services that […]

How Accurate Is Your Grocery Store Pricing Practices?

The neighbors are always complaining that the locally owned grocery store rips them off four out of five times they shop there. Your wife tells you that you do not read their signs carefully. Just this evening, in fact, your wife was with you and you had her verify the shelf sign, Dr Pepper 2 liters, five for $5.00, limit of five, Must buy five. When you got home and checked the receipt, they rang up four for $4.00 and charged $1.99 for the fifth one. This is not an exception but it is the norm for the local store. […]