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The Proper Use of Spray Foam Insulation

Any modern house or other building in the United States has a number of utilities and hardware in place to make that building a safe, comfortable, and cost-effective place to be. This ranges from the plumbing and sewer main all the way to the windows and doors to the walls’ and attic spray foam insulation and electric wiring and more. What is more, some utilities have connections that newer homeowners may not be aware of. For example, the spray foam insulation, air conditioning and heater, and the electric bill are all tightly connected, and a homeowner who knows this can […]

How Does Polyurethane Injection Molding Work?

What is Polyurethane? What is Reaction Injection Molding? Another important thing to look at is the process of reaction injection molding (RIM). Polyurethane is often used in this process, because it requires low viscosity materials that are capable of shaping during the RIM process. It involves shooting material into a closed mold at high pressures where the shaping and curing process takes place. How Does the Polyurethane Injection Molding Process Work? As we talked about above, polyurethane is often used in the RIM proces

4 Kinds of Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation of any kind is important. It helps to keep water, soil, and the environment clean and healthy. It fights back against things like groundwater pollution and per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) which are awful for the environment and for human health. There are multiple different kinds of remediation that serve their own unique purposes, but are all equally important. 1. Groundwater Groundwater is one of the more tricky kinds of remediation, because it involves water under the surface that has been contaminated. The contamination is caused by a mixture of natural diseases harbored by groundwater and man-made contaminants […]

How Effective Is Your Business’s Current Marketing Strategy?

Although there are many examples of how we are living in a digital world, it is important to realize that print services are still a big part of many businesses. In fact, print management companies offer a number of marketing techniques that can help businesses of all size to succeed. Working with the right print management companies, in fact, can help you make sure that you are able to improve efficiency, as well as manage the electronic documents that are a part of the every day life of your office. Print management solutions offer a number of ways that companies […]