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After All the Environmental Damage of Refineries and Plants, Smokestack Inspection is Needed More Than Ever

All smokestacks have a negative effect on the atmosphere, with industrial smokestacks and chimneys being the worst. Although updates to smokestack inspection and cleaning have been made over the past few decades there has still been a great need to remove most of these chimneys. Even with better air filtration, their black exhaust remains extremely dangerous to the environment. The Danger of Industrial Smokestacks Commercial and industrial plants have exhausted harmful pollutants into the air for centuries, and there is now the need for greater smokestack inspection and cleaning. Additionally, both commercial and residential chimneys release dangerous chemicals into the […]

How to Find Reliable Groundwater Remediation Equipment

If you’re dealing with dirty water on a construction project and need to get your hands on some groundwater remediation equipment, you have a couple of options. The route you take is going to depend on how long you need the equipment for and if you plan to reuse it in the future. Let’s take a look at how to find reliable remediation equipment that will help you get the job done. Rentals The first option is groundwater remediation equipment rentals. This is good for when you don’t regularly need this kind of equipment, but have run into special circumstances. […]

Rolling Thin Steel Sheets For Industrial Use

Humanity has used metal for making tools and weapons for many thousands of years, and some time periods were in fact named after their use of metal, such as the Bronze Age and the Copper Age. Metallurgists in Europe, Africa, China, and elsewhere pioneered new uses for new metals, and iron and steel are prominent among these. Even in the Middle Ages, steel was forged out of iron as a lighter and tougher alternative, such as for making the armor and swords of knights. Steel was used in Japan, too, to make the katana swords of samurai warriors. Steel became […]