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The Time To Become A Tech Entrepreneur Is Now Five Practical Tips To Get You Started In 2019

Becoming a business entrepreneur is easier said than done. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it! There’s something special about being able to dictate your own hours and focus on your own interests. With the advent of digital media, reaching out to potential clients and promoting your portfolio is easier than ever. Unfortunately, little issues can make it hard to even make that first step. Talking in front of a crowd, connecting with business peers, figuring out taxes…it’s a mess! Fortunately for you, tech entrepreneur resources are plentiful. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the five most troubling issues facing […]

Why Ice Blasting Is Used For Industrial Cleaning

How To Properly Maintain Your Frac Pump Radiator Maintenance on a frac pump radiator can seem difficult at first. There are many components to properly and efficiently cleaning a frac pump radiator. However, it depends on where the frac pumps are found; many customers purchase them from websites, while others prefer from brochures and trade shows where they can get them at a fair discount. Typically, new pumps are pristine, freshly-painted machines that greatly benefit any owner. Frac pumps are extremely fragile and require a certain level of carefully caring to ensure the safest possible working conditions for operators in […]