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What Label Tape Should You be Using Today?

While getting through a long day in your ever too frigid air-conditioned office, filing and shipping documentation, adhesive label tape isn’t what might be foremost on your mind… that is until you run out, or it stops sticking! To ensure neither of these eventualities occur, you want to be sure your office is not only well stocked with a variety of adhesive label tapes but with labels that are of superior function and quality. We, most of us at least, perceive the world in color. This is great, because we don’t want to live a life set in an existence […]

Dry Ice Cleaning to Save Time, Money and Effort

Cleaning your machinery is an investment of time and energy that is well worth the cost. The return on this investment is many-fold: you get great looking machinery that operates well and lasts longer. The best way to clean machinery can be a tricky decision, however. It’s often not as simple as grabbing some soap or another solvent, some water and a brush or two. No, most machinery has intricate or even delicate parts that need special care. Choosing the best way to clean your machinery is important because you wouldn’t want to accidentally damage it in the process. For […]

Making the Most of Specialized Metals

Metal is among the most important construction materials the human race has ever used, and there are many different metals to be found in the Earth, never mind the alloys made in labs and forges today. In fact, several pre-historic ages were named after the most common metals of the time, such as the Copper Age, Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. Even steel, a mainstay metal today, dates back to the Middle Ages, when smiths forged it to make knight armor and swords. The Industrial Revolution, meanwhile, made the mass production of steel possible, and various alloys have been […]

What is Security Tint For?

If you are wondering what security tint is for, you are not alone. A lot of people hear the term and likely have seen this type of application many times, but they do not put the two together. Security window tint Chicago adds the security and privacy that you want for your property but that is not all it does. Security tint also helps to improve energy efficiency by keeping out the sun’s rays. Tint to protect from the sun can be a cost savings not only when it comes to energy but when it comes to protecting furnishings and […]