A Guide to Commercial Food Packaging Bag Information

There are so many forms of packaging for products sold across the globe. Now more than ever before, people love to look at the packaging and the designs as well. Furthermore, customers care about eco-friendly packaging that is safe and healthy for the environment. As a result, commercial food packaging bag designs are a priority for all kinds of businesses.

A study has recently revealed that over half of all Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis. This is one product that deals with a nice commercial food packaging bag design. Plus, the information on coffee is essential for hardcore coffee enthusiasts. So this is just one way in which packaging really matters.

A little under 45% of all consumers said that they like to share pictures of interesting packaging on social media. Customers value commercial food packaging bag more than they even want to let on. Here are some more facts on printed coffee bags, coffee bag packaging, food packaging labels, and so much more.

Commercial Food Packaging Bag Contains Essential Information

While some people believe reading food labels is a waste a time, a majority of Americans disagree. According to a recent survey, nearly 62% of all Americans want to read food labels before they purchase a product. Due to allergies, dietary restrictions, and so much more, people want to know all of the ingredients involved with their products.

Another interesting study was conducted in which people were asked how they inform their purchase decisions while shopping in a supermarket. Over 80% of all customers stated that the product package informs and alters their decisions while they shop for products. So the information on a commercial food packaging bag is really important to customers.

People Love How Commercial Food Packaging Bag Designs Look

Supermarkets across the country provide customers with valuable products and important foods. However, most customers overlook just how much competition takes place in the average United States supermarket. On average, a supermarket has over 20,000 different products located all throughout. Every single one of these products is battling to try and attract the attention of consumers from all backgrounds and age groups. So a commercial food packaging bag design can help a product stand out.

The 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study revealed that 66% of consumers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye. So this is all it takes to get customers to buy a product that they usually do not buy. Also, it can help a business snag away customers who normally look at another business for their products. So if a coffee brand wants to sway customers then they need a snazzy commercial food packaging bag design.

There is a 30% increase in consumer interest for businesses that care about their packaging. As a result, businesses should be encouraged to put some work into their commercial food packaging bag design. After all, it is a great way to get customers to notice one specific product amongst all of those other 20,000 products inside o the supermarket.

Over half of all online customers are willing to come back to a business to buy more products if they get premium packaging for one type of product. Again, this is just more information that points out how valuable the right commercial food packaging bag design can be for businesses. It does not take a lot of work to create a unique look for packaging with essential information!

In Conclusion

Businesses and customers alike should continue to value how a commercial food packaging bag design looks to them and their sensibilities. This is a great way for businesses to appeal to customers and to catch eyes as well. Plus, biodegradable plastic and packaging can attract people who care about the environment.

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