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anchor garthNowadays, the cry, “Anchors away!” is commonly overheard in pubs and community gathering houses. News anchors have somehow become less and less valued by the hoi polloi, which is an unfortunate sign of cultural degradation. It is shocking to think that these bronzed Adonises, which have been presenting our news, are no longer held in such high esteem. I’m Garth Henderson, and the mission of my blog is to help preserve the fine arts of business news anchoring. My blog was designed to provide you with all kinds of business analysis, articles about business news, videos, and even infographics. You might go as far as saying that my content could be presented by no one other than a TV anchor. I would be pleased if you would consider me your personal “internet anchor” as you read through my blog. Thanks for your time and I hope that you’ll follow my blog. My blog might even cause you to develop a renewed respect and excitement for business news anchoring. You won’t want to miss my take on business news and updates that will keep you in the loop about the news anchors!

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