Choosing the Right Induction Furnace for Different Types of Cast Metals

Induction forging furnace is an effective method used to smelt steel before deformation and it offers utmost efficiency and preciseness unlike the traditional forging furnace. It’s often used to pre-heat small metal parts and it features small fitting scales that help designed various parts without affecting quality.

Induction heater can pre-heat a specific part of the metal prior to deformation without necessarily having to smelt the entire item, and thus greatly reducing the resources and time for smelting steel.

Induction Furnace Manufacturers

When choosing a steel melting induction furnace for your business, it’s good to start by looking at the induction furnace manufacturers available on the market and find the right one for your needs. Ideally, you’ll be looking for a good manufacturer who offer quality induction furnace heaters. But as a business you can also benefit a lot by working with a company is willing to assist you into the future.

More importantly, a good manufacturer will advice you on the best type of induction furnace based on your business or project needs, as well as installation and maintenance.

Induction furnaces are built for efficiency; they rarely experience downtime and require low maintenance than conventional blast furnaces that rely on fuel combustion. So you don’t expect to have any problems with your furnace heater or having to troubleshoot the equipment more often. Since induction furnace manufacturers require certification to operate, most of the equipment produced are durable and of high quality to meet industrial standards.

Common Casting Metals and Their Most Ideal Type of Induction Furnace

Aluminium and steel are the main materials induction furnaces are made out of and they are ideal for different cast metals.

1. Steel

Steel is widely used material in automotive, robotics and the manufacturing industry. Steel is effectively smelted using steel induction forge, but only for large amounts. Aluminum induction furnace is ideal for smelting small quantities of steel.

2. Gold

A popular cast metal for various applications including jewelry making which is a muti-billion dollar industry. Whether you’re making rings, bracelets or any other jewelry, the process is often the same; aluminum furnace is used to cast gold because it often involves small amounts of gold.

3. Copper

Aluminum furnace is the ideal option when it comes to copper melting. Essentially, copper are melted in small amounts because of their value, however, large quantities of copper will require the use of steel furnace; it has less heat transfer

4. Silver,on the other hand, can be melted using an aluminum furnace, and like gold or copper, it’s often forged for its value, so it’s mostly small amounts.

Induction furnace have played an essential role in keeping industrial process moving and manufacturing of valuable items while minimizing the energy cost.

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