Tea and Coffee In the World

We often take the variety of beverages we have for granted. Whether we are just in the grocery store reading a custom printed coffee bag, trying to decipher a resealable pouch of fruit juice, reading tea packaging, using a coffee bag with valve or just carrying our drinks in organic paper bags, we don’t often tend to think of the amazing options we have to choose from. But how did we get this amazing variety of beverages in our lives? Has it always been this way or was there a time before the advent of modern packaging and delicious, easily accessible beverages? Well, to answer that, we are going to look at the history of two most popular beverages in the world. The first is, of course, coffee which has a history as rich and varied as the flavors of coffee itself. The first evidence of coffee use is apocryphal at best but many people think that the edible portions of the coffee plant were first used in civilizations in Africa thousands of years ago. Now, no researcher can be sure of how it worked or who discovered it but they do know that there is evidence of coffee being used in religious rituals as a sort of stimulant. This would make some historical sense based on the notion that caffeine is known to be a powerful and energizing drug that would work well with rituals where one might need that energy. This would also work together in tandem with many other historical uses of drugs in religious rituals as a means of connecting with the other world. Caffeine being one of the safest drugs there is, it makes sense that coffee could be used a widespread tool for worship or communion. Evidence suggests that, over time, the use of coffee as just a religious rite began to wane and it began to be used not only by priests but by the standard populace as well. The spread of coffee had begun but it would take more centuries for it to leave the small areas where it was known and spread to other countries who quickly realize its usefulness and the power it held. Today, coffee holds a special place in the heart of millions of people around the world who include it as a vital part of their day. It gets people going and gives them the energy they need to wake up and get out of the door.
The History of Tea
Tea is another staple of modern life today, equal to coffee in its energy giving properties and global ubiquitous status. Many people will have their tea, head to the store with their organic paper bags and use those organic paper bags to get their groceries which can sometimes include even more tea or even coffee! But tea is actually a slightly different story than coffee, interestingly enough. The first real known uses of tea were in China centuries ago, when they used to drink it for its calming and meditative properties. Though it was also used in religious rituals, it was a bit more common for the normal folk to drink than coffee was at the start. While the ancient Chinese did not have organic paper bags and grocery stores yet, they did have several uses for tea and several different flavors of it as well. This went on for a couple centuries until the British arrived in China and discovered the popular use of tea in every day life. They began to trade their own goods for it and it eventually exploded in popularity in Britain, so much so that China and Britain are still known today as culturally famous for their focus on tea. When the British empire spanned across several continents was when they began to spread tea to all of their colonies, making it one of the first truly global exports. It caught on in places as far away as Africa and Japan and eventually tea became one of the most popular drinks in the world along with coffee. It was all just a matter of trade, exploration and the willingness to try new things that made these beverages what they are today.

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