The Advertising Power of Signs and Display Stands

Many hours and millions of dollars are spent every year to research and develop the newest and best ways to advertise and market to customers, and businesses make good use of that. Enterprises of all sorts need a marketing campaign, and today, companies often take both the digital and traditional route for maximum flexibility. Digital marketing firms and agencies can handle a company’s website and SEO value, while digital kiosks, custom retail displays, wood and metal signs, and more are the domain of traditional advertising agencies. The Internet has not made custom retail displays or signs obsolete; people still go outside for work or leisure, and the whole time, they will see signs, display racks, kiosks, and custom retail displays of all sorts both indoors and outdoors. So, how can a business or other enterprise set up custom retail displays, digital kiosks, and free standing signs for maximum effect?

Kiosks and Their Work

Put simply, a kiosk is a display stand that contains information that passing pedestrians or indoor guests may visit to learn about about entertainment or services nearby. Some kiosks are display racks containing magazines, brochures, newspapers, and the like, while other are digital kiosks. These large, heavy displays feature one or more screens that may show maps, photos, and videos to show guests where to find services or shops nearby. Some kiosks may also have speakers for sound for the videos, and some digital kiosk screens feature touch-screen technology. This allows guests to choose what information to find.

Many shopping malls have kiosks in them so that patrons can find shops, and a kiosk may also feature prominently on a hospital’s campus so visitors can find their way around. A kiosk may also be found at a carnival or a fair, not to mention in a busy marketplace or city square. That may be especially helpful for tourists who want to find restaurants, shops, or lodging.

A company or other business may rent kiosks from rental companies, and ask that a truck delivers that kiosk to the site where crew members will set it up. Buying a kiosk can be rather expensive, but rentals may be more affordable.

Signs and Indoor Displays

Meanwhile, plenty of studies and surveys show that physical signs and displays, both indoors and outdoors, are more relevant than ever for promoting a product or brand, and signs have a lot of potential to bring customers into a business. For example, studies show that for a typical business, 85% of it customers and ideal consumers live within a five-mile radius of the premises, so signs and displays in that area are bound to efficiently communicate with many people. Someone living in that area may see that brand name displayed 50 to 60 times per week. What is more, the value of on-site signage is the same as 24 full page newspaper ads per year, and a sign may also make a solid first impression on consumers. A well made and attractive sign may make a good impression and encourage guests to go inside, but a shoddy or ugly sign may deter them. Many surveyed consumers say that they first discovered a business and went inside because of the signs out on display.

While signs are effective at bringing customers into a store, the advertising campaign does not stop there. Once inside a store, a customer may see hundreds or even thousands of different brand names, and they are all competing. Studies show that many customers who enter a store have not yet decided how to spend their money, and so custom retail displays and shelf tags will vie to win over that customer and their spending money.

Statistics show that shoppers will make around 82% of all spending decisions in stores, and a brand with good signs and custom retail displays set up may have a better chance of that decision going in their favor. In fact, fully priced merchandise may perform around 18% better with signs and displays, compared to not using those displays. Shelf tags may help too, which may display prices in bold ink and use colorful displays to show price reductions and sales, and seeing the price reduction in hard numbers may appeal to a shopper.

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