The Power of Packaging

Even in today’s wired world of the Internet, e-mail, and social media, traditional means of advertising and catching a shopper’s attention are still powerful today, and in fact, it could be argued that physical advertising like food packaging, fruit packaging, or even a clear pouch bag are more effective today because of exhausting over-saturated of electronic media. What is more, print media and advertising to not harass people with targeted ads or pop-ups, and no coffee bag or piece of packaging or a sticker ever gave someone a computer virus or spyware. For shoppers who visit brick and mortar locations, their psychology is primed for receiving signals from product packaging and signs, and businesses today know how to design and place these ads to appeal to how shoppers think and what they want. Packaging graphic design, material, and information on packages can all lead a customer to first notice the item, then find out why it is the best thing to buy for a great price. How can this be done?

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Businesses have long since learned to compile information and studies about how consumers think and what they want, and this has resulted in various statistics, trends, and techniques for marketing and advertisement. After all, an average American supermarket may have as many as 20,000 products or more inside, and they are all competing for a shopper’s attention. Speaking generally, businesses that pay close attention to the packaging in which they sell their items can expect 30% greater consumer interest than if they neglect to use effective packaging for their products. Consumers’ decisions and preferences in a store can be greatly influenced by the quality of packaging they see. For example, the West Rock Consumer Insights Study, in 2016, found out that about 66% of consumers try a new product because of its appealing and interesting packaging, and similarly, other studied found that 85% of shoppers reported their decisions in the store being informed by what they read on product packaging. Finally, other studies showed that about 52% of customers will give a company repeat business if the product that they received came in deluxe or premium packaging. From bags of cat food to a clear pouch bag, how can these packages do their work?

Packaging Strategies

Stores will make use of shelf tags and signs to draw customers’ attention toward deals, discounts, and new items, but this alone does not seal the deal. Product packaging must also be effective, especially when there isn’t a special sale going on. Dry or frozen food containers like cereal boxes, spice packaging, and more must use graphic designs to show idealized version of the food product inside (such as serving suggestions) and an appealing name. Pet food, kids’ toys, computer parts, and even hardware supplies like boxes of nails make use of packing strategies of all kinds.

For some items, the item itself does not need assembly, cooking, or other preparation, so a clear pouch bag can allow the item to advertise itself, such as its shape and size, color, or even texture, such as with hard candy, hardware like screws, or some types of beans. Often, a clear pouch bag will also have a paper or cardboard piece attached to the top, where the brand name, product name, and basic information can be found. A clear pouch bag of screws at the hardware store, for example, will have the technical specs of the screws on the label, or a bag of candy will have the brand name or the candy’s flavors on this piece of packaging. For other items with opaque packaging, photographs of the items or happy people (or pets) using the item can send a positive message about the product and how it will satisfy the customer. Dog food packaging, for example, may show a well groomed dog being fed by its attractive and well dressed owner, and paper coffee bags or other coffee products will show a well made cup or mug of coffee, and it may be sitting on the counter of an attractive kitchen or an outdoor cafe. Also, packaging often makes use of bright, warm colors like yellow and red, although vivid green and blue may also appear.

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