Three Great Reasons to Get an Answering Service For Your Business

If you have a small company, you need an answering service for your business. A 24 hour answering service can help you in ways you might never have expected, but here are just three of the great reasons you should get an answering service for your business.

  1. You’ll keep your valued customers. Americans are always connected these days. In fact, 91% of them are never out of reach of their mobile device for even a moment during the day or night. They want to make contact with you at a moment convenient to them, and 79% of people prefer a telephone call to other options. The problem is that most people are busy working during business hours. Many times, it’s not convenient to call during normal working hours, and 67% of customers will hang up immediately rather than leave a message. An answering service for your business helps you avoid this issue by providing a real live person for customers and potential customers to talk to at any hour of the day.

    Not only will you be more likely to keep customers with this kind of service; if they’re happy and talk about your business online, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up some more customers along the way. And since two-thirds of people say that an excellent customer experience would make them willing to spend a bit more with a company, having an answering service for your business is a great way to ensure that kind of experience for your customers.

  2. You’ll save money. This might seem hard to believe. After all, you’ll have to pay for a business answering service, right? But dedicating employees to answer the phone as your business expands will cost you even more, as well as the necessity of getting new desks, phones, and computers to keep up. Tasking employees to cover the phones also means you risk alienating customers in the store or office if they feel they’re being ignored in favor of someone on the phone.
  3. Your employees, and you, can focus on what you are good at. For a lot of people, answering the phone is an undesirable chore. You might be excellent at the business of running your business, but struggle when it comes to presenting the right tone on the phone. And while you’re engaged with one customer, two others may call and be unable to get through. Getting a commerical answering service for your business lets you avoid all these issues while still projecting a professional image to anyone who calls.

A great phone service is one of the best investments any small business can make in its own future growth. It will improve customer relations, take the burden off you and your employees, and give your company that professional image it deserves.

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